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10 Home Security Tips To Prevent A Burglary

You must plan your home security if you want to be safe as well as protected from burglaries. Here are some practical tips on how to prevent a home burglary.

First, make it difficult for burglars to enter your house.  Avoid leaving signs that indicate that your house is vacant. Mail and daily newspapers, when found in stacks,  indicate the house is vacant and jeopardize your home security. Ask a neighbor to receive them so that it looks absolutely normal. Use electronic gadgets to light your home occasionally so that it does not appear vacant.

Secondly, the outside of the house should be well-lit so that an intruder finds it impossible to pass through undetected.  Burglars like to hide in the shadows and having well-lit driveways, walkways and doorways increase your chances of better security protection.

Third, create a lawn around your house which will give more open space.  Bushes and trees should be trimmed and cared for so that they do not create a natural hideout for an intruder, endangering your home security. Placing a thorny bush under a vulnerable window is also an effective way to prevent break-ins.

Fourth, for your home security, you should ensure that the doors are properly locked and windows are secured. It will be the first thing that intruders will meet with resistance and it will not be easy to enter your house without making any noise.

Fifth, if you are home when a package is delivered, understand the possibility of a lurker following you after you pick up the package. Being at home when a package is delivered is a good idea- sometimes a package lying outside your door for a period of time, may give a signal that the house is empty. But be alert of your surroundings; it only takes an intruder a couple of seconds to enter an open door and rob your home.

Sixth, burglars are always making rounds to find a way to steal and they concentrate on driveways or even look inside a house through the curtains if they are open. Valuable electronic gadgets are a huge enticement to burglars and they may make plans to break into your house. Ensure that curtains are closed and do not forget to close the blinds and windows properly and the garage door securely for your home security.

Seventh, a mailbox and answering machine with your name may be a negative approach to your home security. Leave off identifying information which a possible thief may use to their advantage.

Eighth, it is wise to arrange a neighborhood crime watch so that neighbors can watch your home when you are on vacation.

Ninth, remember that most burglaries occur due to an open window or a weak or unbolted door. Be careful for your own home security.

Finally, install a high quality alarm system from a competent provider of home security.


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