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Why Use A Wireless Home Security System

One of the most important decisions when choosing a home security system is deciding whether you should have a hardwired home security system installed, or a wireless home security system installed. While both installations offer home protection, sometimes a wireless home security system can be an easier and more affordable choice.

A wireless home security system is usually a top choice for many people because of it’s affordability and ease of installation. Wireless home security installations usually cost a lot less than hardwired alarm system installations because there is not nearly as much labor involved. When having a wireless alarm system installed, you will not need to worry about wires or holes being drilled all around your home, which sometimes can be esthetically displeasing. A wireless installation is also ideal for homes with inadequate attic access or in two-story homes where it can get complicated running wires. Wireless alarm systems are also ideal for anyone who is renting a home or an apartment that wants to secure their property, but can’t run any wires or drill any holes in the walls.

Many of the same components that are found in a hardwired system can be found in a wireless home security system. The only real difference between both of them is that one has wire connected to the devices and the other does not; they essentially work the same way. When choosing a wireless home security system, it is important to make sure it is a supervised wireless system. Wireless devices are battery powered and require batteries to be changed over time. If your system is supervised, it will let you know when it is time to change a battery or if there is a problem with the device. Usually the trouble will be displayed on your keypad. If the system is not supervised, there will be no way to tell if there is a problem–ultimately giving you the idea that it is working, when really it is not. Luckily many wireless home security companies today offer this feature with their wireless home security installations.

While most wireless systems are completely wire-free, some home security companies may still run minimum wiring for the keypad, phone connection, siren, and the transformer. While this is very common, you can ask your home security company if they offer a completely wireless home security system that would eliminate all wires and include a 100% wire-free installation. One thing that deters most people from a completely wireless system is vulnerability. If an intruder does come in contact with a totally wireless alarm system, he can easily destroy the whole system in one shot and continue his business of burglarizing the home. By having wires ran to devices like a phone line or transformer, especially for a monitored home security system, the monitoring center would be alerted right away that your alarm system is being tampered with. If the alarm is not monitored but has a siren, your neighbors will hear it and hopefully be alerted and call the proper authorities.

Lastly, another advantage to having a wireless home security system installed is that it can be easy to customize and upgrade should your home security needs change in the future. A wireless home security system also gives those that may have budget restraints, a chance to secure their home with what they can afford now, while giving them an option to easily upgrade later when their budget permits.


Questions to Ask when Interviewing Home Security Companies

No matter where you live, the safety of your family is always important. There are many home security companies that take home security very seriously and want to make protecting your home and family their priority. With so many home security companies competing for your business, how do you know which one to choose? There are many questions you may have and a good home security company can give you the answers. If you are not sure what to ask any prospective home security company, you can start with these:

  • How long has the company been in business?
    This is an important question because you don’t want a home security company that is here today and gone tomorrow. There are many home security companies out there to choose from, and most have many years of proven experience.
  • Is the company licensed and bonded in my state?
    Most home security companies are up to date with this information, but unfortunately some are not. It is always a good idea to pick a home security company that is licensed and insured.
  • What does my contract cover?
    Home security companies offer different services and different options in their contracts. Ask if your contract covers things like routine maintenance or a warranty should the alarm be damaged and need to be replaced. If it doesn’t, you may want to inquire how much additional it would be to add these services.
  • What happens if I move?
    Many people move and home security companies know this. That is why many of them offer discounts and certain promotions to help you get secured in your new home.
  • Is the home security system a proprietary system or can it be used with any company should I become dissatisfied for some reason with your service?
    Many home security companies install equipment that can be used by other companies if you decide to change your service. Some companies don’t. This is an important question that should be asked.
  • Who monitors my alarm?
    An alarm monitoring center plays an important role in the security of your home and family. You want to know who will be monitoring it and where your alarm will be monitored. There are many home security companies that have their own monitoring center, and there are some that use a third-party monitoring center for their customers.
  • Is the monitoring center UL certified?
    A UL certification is one of the top certifications any alarm monitoring center can get. Having a UL listed central station monitoring your alarm is a great choice for anyone who is interested in getting their alarm monitored. Many home security companies use UL listed monitoring centers if they do not have one of their own.
  • Can I add additional features if my security needs change?
    You want to try and get an alarm system installed that can easily be updated to add additional features like wireless remotes or smoke detectors. Most home security companies install these systems.
  • Do you offer free estimates?
    Many home security companies offer free estimates. Having a professional come out to your home, give you an estimate and go over home security requirements can help you make the right decision when it comes to your home security needs.

These are just some basic questions, but important questions to ask any prospective home security companies. In addition to these questions, you can also ask your family or neighbors for any recommendations, or research more information on home security companies on the internet.


Home Security Monitoring FAQ

Having a security system installed in your home is one way you can deter burglars from entering it while you are away. A good home security system that is monitored by a professional home security monitoring company can alert you when this happens, giving your family a valuable and unparalleled peace of mind. Just as choosing the right home security system is an important decision, choosing a good home security monitoring company is equally important.

Whether you are buying a new home security system or planning on having an existing alarm monitored, there are plenty of home security monitoring companies to choose from. Not all are created equal, and there are many questions you should ask your potential home security monitoring company before signing any long term commitment with them.

How long has the home security monitoring company been in business?
This is an important question to ask. While new companies definitely deserve to be given a chance, when it comes to home security, you may want to choose an experienced home security monitoring company that has a proven track record and exceptional customer service.

Is the company that is installing my alarm going to be the same company that monitors it?
Chances are if you went with a smaller alarm dealer–no. A home security monitoring center is very expensive to operate and many are required to meet certain standards in order to provide alarm monitoring services. So if you decided to have a local alarm dealer install your alarm, you will want to ask them if they provide the alarm monitoring, or if they subcontract the monitoring out to a third-party alarm monitoring center.

Does the home security monitoring company operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week?
Most alarm monitoring companies do provide monitoring 365 days a year. That is what makes alarm monitoring such a great service. Your alarm will be monitored no matter what time of the day or night it is, or if it is a weekend or a holiday.

Is the home security monitoring company based in the US or is it outsourced overseas?
This question is important because most companies are in fact outsourcing their alarm monitoring to other countries. While there is certainly nothing wrong with having your alarm monitored somewhere else, having a home security monitoring company that is in another country could have several drawbacks. The main problem most people encounter when using an outsourced home alarm monitoring company is dealing with a language barrier. This for obvious reasons, could be taking a risk with your home security needs.

Does the home security monitoring company have a disaster recovery plan?
In the event of a major power fail or natural disaster, it is important for your alarm monitoring center to have a back-up plan. Their central alarm monitoring station should have a standby generator for short term situations, and a back-up monitoring center in case of any major issues. This will ensure your home alarm system continues being monitored at all times.

Is the home security monitoring station a UL listed central station?
Choosing a UL certified home security monitoring station is a great choice for anyone looking to have their home alarm system monitored. Earning a UL certification proves that the home security monitoring company and staff have proven their ability to offer their customers service that has met high standards.

When it comes to the safety and security of your home and family, you only want the best company out there. That is why it very important to ask as many questions as you may have. This will ensure you make a comfortable and informed decision when choosing a home security monitoring company for your home.


Home Security Checklist

Focusing on your home security is important, especially in a tough economy. Statistics have shown that crime goes up in a down economy. Crimes like burglaries and theft occur more often, leaving families to deal with losses that they never thought they would have to deal with. While no one can predict when a home is going to be a target of crime, there are many things you can do to make your home less appealing to a criminal.

Make a home security checklist and go over it thoroughly.  Start with the perimeter of your home and make a few observations:

  • Are all the doors and windows secure and working to the best of their ability?
  • Is there good lighting on the exterior of your home?
  • Are there any overgrown bushes or shrubs that can possibly serve as a hiding place for a burglar?
  • Do you have deadbolts installed on all the perimeter doors of your home?

These are just a few things to look for when making a home security checklist for your home. If you take care of exterior elements, you are adding an extra layer of protection for your home and not solely relying on a home security system.   Many have suggested that going through your home and writing down serial numbers and taking pictures and video of your valuables can help to get those items returned to you should a burglary ever take place in your home.  Another great tool in deterring criminals from targeting your home is to buy a home security system—and use it.

Home security systems, also known as burglar alarms, can not only deter thieves from breaking into your home, but a good alarm system will help keep you safe. There are many homes security systems to choose from that can fit just about any need you may have. Whether you are renting or own your home, you can choose from a variety of alarm installations ranging from hardwired alarm systems, wireless alarm systems, or a combination of both. The most important thing is to get an alarm system and make sure to use it—especially when you are not home. Having a good home security system installed is vital in keeping your home secure. Choosing to have your home security system monitored is another essential thing you can do to help protect your home while you are at work, or even on vacation.

Getting home surveillance cameras in addition to your home security system is also an additional way to keep your home safe and deter burglars. When most burglars see that a home is protected by a burglar alarm system, they usually move on to a home that does not have one. If they see a burglar alarm system and home security cameras installed around your home, you can be confident they are going to bypass your house and move to the next one. The best way to let a burglar know that your home is protected by a home security system is by displaying yard signs and decals around your home. Almost all home security companies will give you these upon installation.

With a good home security checklist in place and a great home security system, you can feel confident knowing you took steps to protect your home and family from the threat of becoming another crime statistic.


What Families Should Know About Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are becoming very popular in homes today. It is no surprise that people are concerned about the safety of their home and family and that they will invest in anything that helps protects them. Having a home security system installed is a great way to deter thieves and help protect your home and family from emergencies. Having home security cameras installed in addition to having a home alarm system is the ultimate in home security. Many home security companies are now offering home security cameras to their customers and they are definitely worth looking into.

There are many benefits to having home security cameras installed that homeowners are now recognizing .  The use of home security cameras has gotten so popular these days that you can’t drive through a neighborhood without seeing at least one house with an outside camera installed. A recent study shows that a home with home security cameras installed is less likely to be targeted for a home invasion than a home without home security cameras. Combine that level of protection  with the protection a home alarm system has to offer, and you make it that much more difficult for a burglar to invade your home.

Not only do home security cameras offer security benefits, they can offer you the chance to see what is going on in your home when you are not there. If you choose the option to view your home security cameras remotely, you will have a greater advantage to see what is happening in your home, no matter where you may be at the time. Home security cameras are great for latchkey kids, or to keep tabs on what time your teenager is coming home when you are away. Some people have even bought home security cameras to keep an eye on their pets while they are at work. Having home security cameras installed on the outside of your home to cover areas like the front door, will allow you to make sure that you are only opening the door to welcomed visitors.

If remote viewing with home security cameras from a web-enabled computer, PDA, or cell phone sounds too technical for you, it is actually easier than you think. A home security expert that installs security cameras can come out and give you a demonstration on how it all works, and answer any questions you may have. Besides, remote viewing is not the only way to view home surveillance video. You can view your cameras from almost any TV in your home or dedicated monitor. If you have a baby in the home, you can view the camera in the baby’s room while your are watching TV in the living room. There are many possibilities with home surveillance systems and like with home security systems, they can be updated to fit any needs and budget. From a few cameras and DVR to an elaborate 12 camera system or more, a specialized home security company can help you find what you need.

Keep in mind though, that while home security cameras are wonderful, they should be used in combination with a home security system. The reason is simple; you are not able to view your cameras 24 hours per day. Crime can occur at anytime. If you only have cameras and no alarm system, a burglar will get in and if you are not watching the cameras at that time, you will not know it until it is too late. Home security systems combined with home security cameras are best when working together. To get more information about home alarm systems and home security cameras, contact a dependable and reliable home security company today by filling out the above form.


How To Choose A Home Alarm -10 Step Guide

Choosing a home alarm system is an important decision to make. There are many types of home security systems to choose from, and a good home alarm system should come tailored to fit your individual needs. When you choose an alarm system for your home, you want it to protect your home and your family 100%. What works in one home, may leave another one vulnerable. With these 10 steps in choosing a home alarm system, you will have a better understanding of what you should look for in a great home alarm system.

-Determine what you want a home alarm system for. Are you only planning on getting an alarm system to protect your home from intruders? Or do you want an alarm system that not only protects against burglaries, but also against fires and carbon monoxide poisoning?

-Make a budget. Home alarm systems can be relatively affordable. A good home security system does not need to cost a fortune. However, you must keep in mind that as more options and features are added, the price of a home alarm installation can rise. It is easy to get carried away with additional features, and while many of them are great, they may not be necessary to secure your home.

-Find a good home security company. There is a chance that many of your family members, friends, or even neighbors have a home alarm system. Get recommendations from them and ask questions about any experiences they may have had with their home security company. As many know, the internet is a portal to find out anything, even information on a new home security company. Use the internet to your advantage and to find a great deal on your new home alarm system.

-Do your research. There are many great home alarm companies around today. You may have even seen many of them advertise their services on TV or online. Many home alarm companies have built solid reputations and have hundreds, if not thousands of satisfied customers all around. Those companies are worth looking into.

– Decide if you should have a wireless or hardwired home alarm system installed. Believe it or not, this is one of the main questions security professionals are asked each day. There are pros and cons to both installations. What it boils down to is personal choice. Hardwired home alarm systems require wires to be ran throughout your home, while a wireless alarm system is almost completely wire-free. Usually a wireless home alarm is less expensive and has a faster installation time than a hardwired home alarm system. However, hardwired home alarm systems are still a great choice. Especially in a home you plan to be in for many years.

– Narrow down your list of home alarm companies. Now that you know what to look for in a home alarm system, now it is time to pick out a few home security companies that you are interested in. Many home security companies offer free estimates and will send a home security specialist to your home to go over your home security needs.

-Ask plenty of questions. When a representative from the home security company comes out to your home, ask them questions. Get a feel for the company and what they have to offer. A home alarm system is an investment in your home and family, it is important to feel trust with the people who will be providing it.

-Get your alarm installed. Depending on what type of installation you get, plan on being home for at least a half of a day. You want to be there in case any questions come up or any problems arise. You also want to be instructed by a professional on how to use your alarm system effectively.

-Have your home alarm system monitored. Many people choose to get a home alarm system installed, but decline the monitoring because of the additional monitoring fees that come with it. Home security is important, especially these days. With alarm monitoring rates being as low as they are, there is no reason not to have your home alarm system monitored.

-Use your home alarm system! Burglaries occur when you least expect it. Whether it is a short trip to the grocery store or a weekend away, always remember to arm your alarm when you leave your home. Too many people pay money to have a good home security system installed, only to leave it disarmed and come home to find their home has been burglarized.


Home Security Systems FAQ

When in the market for a new home security system, it is always important to ask as many questions as you feel are necessary to help you make an informed decision on your home security needs. There are many home security systems out there to choose from, and not knowing what your options are can leave you feeling insecure with your decision. Here are a few common questions that have been asked by others who were were looking for answers about home security systems:

Will having an alarm system keep my home from being burglarized?

Home security systems are a great deterrent and may help keep your home from becoming another statistic. Burglars don’t like home security systems–they slow them down. If a burglar senses you have a home security system, chances are they are going to move on to another home that does not have one.

I am renting and I hear that most alarm companies will not install home security systems in rentals. Is this true?

While there may be a few home security companies that do not install home security systems in rentals, there are many that do. Wireless home security systems can be a great option for renters. There is no drilling holes in any walls and no wires to be ran. There are plenty of home security companies that offer wireless alarm installations, even for rentals.

I do not have a phone line. Does that mean I can’t have my alarm monitored?

Years ago, the only way an alarm could transmit a signal to the monitoring station was through telephone communication. Technology has evolved and alarms can now be monitored through wireless cellular communication. Many home security systems are now being monitored this way.

Will my animals set off my motion detectors? I have heard this can cause false alarms.

In the past, home security systems with motion detectors and animals made for a bad combination. Now, many home security companies offer pet immune motion detectors for their customers with pets. It is important to tell your security specialist about your animals so that they can make sure to install pet immune (PI) motion detectors.

I heard home security systems are expensive. Can you get a good home security system on a limited budget?

Security systems have become very affordable over the past several years. There are home security systems out there today that can fit many budgets. Your best option would be to have a security specialist come out to your home and give you a free estimate. Many companies will tailor a home security system specifically for you that will not only be affordable, but will help keep your family protected. Later on when your budget allows, you can always add more features.

Are hardwired home security systems better than wireless home security systems?

Both types of systems are great. It comes down to personal choice. Hardwired systems will require wires to be ran inside your home. Most people do not like any wiring ran in their home so they choose to install a wireless home security system. The only real drawback to a wireless system is that the devices are battery powered and the batteries will need to be replaced when they get low.

There is a lot of information to absorb when it comes to keeping your home and family safe from intruders. Speak with any of the reputable home security companies listed here about  any other questions about home security systems that you may have.