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Why Use A Wireless Home Security System

One of the most important decisions when choosing a home security system is deciding whether you should have a hardwired home security system installed, or a wireless home security system installed. While both installations offer home protection, sometimes a wireless home security system can be an easier and more affordable choice.

A wireless home security system is usually a top choice for many people because of it’s affordability and ease of installation. Wireless home security installations usually cost a lot less than hardwired alarm system installations because there is not nearly as much labor involved. When having a wireless alarm system installed, you will not need to worry about wires or holes being drilled all around your home, which sometimes can be esthetically displeasing. A wireless installation is also ideal for homes with inadequate attic access or in two-story homes where it can get complicated running wires. Wireless alarm systems are also ideal for anyone who is renting a home or an apartment that wants to secure their property, but can’t run any wires or drill any holes in the walls.

Many of the same components that are found in a hardwired system can be found in a wireless home security system. The only real difference between both of them is that one has wire connected to the devices and the other does not; they essentially work the same way. When choosing a wireless home security system, it is important to make sure it is a supervised wireless system. Wireless devices are battery powered and require batteries to be changed over time. If your system is supervised, it will let you know when it is time to change a battery or if there is a problem with the device. Usually the trouble will be displayed on your keypad. If the system is not supervised, there will be no way to tell if there is a problem–ultimately giving you the idea that it is working, when really it is not. Luckily many wireless home security companies today offer this feature with their wireless home security installations.

While most wireless systems are completely wire-free, some home security companies may still run minimum wiring for the keypad, phone connection, siren, and the transformer. While this is very common, you can ask your home security company if they offer a completely wireless home security system that would eliminate all wires and include a 100% wire-free installation. One thing that deters most people from a completely wireless system is vulnerability. If an intruder does come in contact with a totally wireless alarm system, he can easily destroy the whole system in one shot and continue his business of burglarizing the home. By having wires ran to devices like a phone line or transformer, especially for a monitored home security system, the monitoring center would be alerted right away that your alarm system is being tampered with. If the alarm is not monitored but has a siren, your neighbors will hear it and hopefully be alerted and call the proper authorities.

Lastly, another advantage to having a wireless home security system installed is that it can be easy to customize and upgrade should your home security needs change in the future. A wireless home security system also gives those that may have budget restraints, a chance to secure their home with what they can afford now, while giving them an option to easily upgrade later when their budget permits.


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