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Security System Pros and Cons

People have become more conscious about home security systems and many homes now have a variety of security gadgets. The market has multiple systems available to customers. There are two main types of security systems: wired and wireless.  Although the wired security system is the standard for many homes,  the wireless system has become popular in recent years by offering various convenient features for better safety and protection of homes.

While a wired security system can be costly because of labor intensive installation, the wireless security system can be reasonably priced and has no complexities in installation while producing superior results. The most significant benefit of this security system is its wireless characteristics which makes installation quick and painless.

Usually, providers of a security system will visit the customer’s home and make suggestions for installation. A wireless security system can be further enhanced with the help of a camera, and can be moved easily from one setting to another according to the requirement of the security system. A camera placed at the front door may be taken out and placed near the entrance gate. It is done very easily and people prefer the flexibility of this type of security system. The system can also work with up to six cameras.   The entire property can be easily covered with a number of cameras, which is decided by the security system expert.

A wireless security system is independent of any power requirements at it works on a battery backed power system. This is considered an important advantage of the system but you must be careful about the batteries condition and replace them in a timely manner to continue to get round the clock surveillance of your home.

Although there are many advantages to a wireless security system, there are some disadvantages as well.  Since the entire wireless technology is centered and controlled by the main console, if for some reason the signals do not reach the main console, the entire technology becomes valueless. It will fail to inform anyone of intrusion activity and emergency services will not be contacted.

Wireless security systems can give off more false alarms than a traditional wired alarm system, and they can be quite easily stolen if not properly secured.  They also require periodic replacement of batteries in order to function properly.

Whether you purchase a wired or a wireless security system, you must always examine the pro and cons to determine which security system will meet your needs.  No matter what you decide to have installed, purchasing a home security system is an important step in ensuring your home, your belongings and your loved ones are safe and secure.