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4 Home Alarm Systems Myths

Even the subject of installing home alarm systems has certain commonly identified myths that an average person tends to believe, in spite of being well informed. The first thing to do when planning to get your home secured is to fully understand the facts.

Despite the fact that burglary is not a threat to every home in a town, it is a universal problem and no one can foresee which house the burglars will target next. So it is better to take preventive steps to avoid a home invasion.

The first myth is that most burglars work only at night.  Typically, thieves will only try to break into a house that is empty. If that is the case, then it would be better for them to break into a house when all family members are at work or away from home. They have all the methods to invade at night when everyone is asleep. So the notion that your house will not be broken into at night as there are people in the house is not always true.

Secondly, some people believe that home alarm systems only guard your home against intruders.  But in reality,  they also protect the babies and older people in the house in case of an emergency. Home alarm monitoring systems have features to detect smoke, fire, and they even have panic buttons that will alert the center when something unfortunate happens in your house.

Thirdly, some homeowners who go on a vacation believe the myth  that leaving all the lights on is an excellent means of deterring the burglary attempts, rather than installing an alarm system. But having a timer that turns your lights on and off at set intervals is far better than lighting up your house 24 hours a day,  informing burglars that you are away from home.

Lastly, another common myth is that home alarm systems can easily be disconnected by cutting off certain wires. But the latest models are very sophisticated ones that are not easily disarmed. The modern home alarm systems make use of both wired and wireless technologies in combination. As a result of this, if there is any disruption in connection, then the monitoring company will be immediately alerted. So just cutting a couple of wires  will not help a burglar to enter a secured house. And the fact that motion detectors are easily overcome with certain movements is another wrong assumption. Motion detectors are highly sensitive devices, which means steps should be taken to accommodate pet movement in the house with pet friendly home alarm systems.

Don’t let common home alarm systems myths prevent you from protecting your home and your family.  Home alarm systems are an effective deterrent against crime, and are instrumental in keeping you safe and secure.


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