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Residential Security Systems Recommended By Home Owners

Knowing that your home is protected gives you a good night’s sleep and the burglar a hard night on the streets. Ever since residential security systems hit the market, homeowners have diligently checked, compared and tried out everything from the most effective to the least cumbersome security measures. Their final verdict, when it comes to residential security systems is, no doubt, “hassle-free security”.

That’s right! When it comes to residential security systems, most home owners will agree that buying a security system is akin to bringing home a new bride. The members who live in a home are an integral part of any security arrangement you install inside your home. What matters most, is how well the members get along with the residential security systems. The more hassle there is to a security system, the greater the chances are of it being ignored by the household.

For instance, a high-tech burglar alarm system won’t be of any use if nobody bothers to turn the alarm on. Similarly, bullet-proof locks won’t serve their purpose unless someone locks them. Taking these points into consideration, homeowners recommend a few practical residential security systems that offer reliable security, minus the hassle.

Alarm systems are definitely seen as the first and best choice among residential security systems. When an intruder breaks into a “no access” area, these state-of-the-art devices will set off a siren and at the same time, send an alert to a monitoring station that, in turn, will verify the alarm and immediately alert the police. The psychological impact a high-decibel siren creates in the mind of the intruder is enough to deter most break-ins and burglars won’t take a chance with properties that are fitted with such alarm systems.

Homeowners also recommend that you invest in a sophisticated alarm system installed by security professionals instead of buying a do-it-yourself model that merely offers an attractive price tag and cannot always be counted on as a reliable residential security system.   It is also suggested that the alarm system be backed by a monitoring service that ensures these residential security systems provide the type of security they are intended to provide.

Another favorite is the home security camera that wins hands down among the most innovative residential security systems in the market. Wired, wireless and specialty security cameras are increasingly being looked upon as a vital part of a good security system for homes. These devices are designed to provide 24 / 7 video recording or monitoring of activities. In order to have your surroundings fully secured, home owners advise both indoor as well as outdoor security camera surveillance.

Security cameras are also among the most expensive residential security systems available. A few extra bucks can fetch you a state-of-the-art indoor as well as outdoor camera with excellent quality optics, night vision, and remote tilt and zoom features to cover all four corners of your home. Just like any of the other residential security systems, when it comes to installing home security cameras, go for the hard-wired ones, as they are more reliable than wireless systems. The latter is quite popular and efficient but requires regular replacement of batteries. On the other hand, wired systems may appear cumbersome but are longer-lasting and can be easily connected to other devices.


How To Choose An Alarm System

You need an alarm system for your house to protect and secure members of your family and your property. You should make proper arrangements to safeguard your investment and take advantage of current technical advancements,  depending on the requirements of your home.

You will find several complex and hi-fi kind of alarm systems in the market but you need to make an appraisal of your protection needs first. You should make a thorough inspection of your house and find out where the most important or vulnerable doors and windows are. You must also find out the right place to place the control panel with keypads. The control panel is the main brain of the system and the keypad is the regulator through which you initiate programs for security. When the control panel is installed, find out the distance between doors and windows and the main panel so that you know the length requirement for the wires.

For a  wireless alarm system, you have to confirm that the sensors are under the coverage of the main central panel to receive the signals easily. With a diagram of the security plan of your house, you can decide on the type of alarm system that you need.  You may opt for an expensive monitoring system which charges a monthly fee. The most commonly used security system consists of sensors with a dialing facility linked to your telephone and connects local authorities in case there is an intrusion.

You should also consider the inner workings of your home. For example, if there is a dog in your house moving around, that pet may affect the movement sensors and set the alarm off. The sensors have to be placed judiciously and you have to program them to avoid false alarms.  You should visit a professional in this respect to get his views on the matter to help make your decision. It is wise to go for an alarm system that is capable of monitoring each area where sensors have been placed.

Normally the system covers only eight such areas, which can be increased with additional devices.   If a wired system needs too much wire, you should install a wireless alarm system. Remember to test the capability of the control panel to confirm that the wireless system will be effective for long range sensors. You can also include fire sensors, carbon monoxide gas sensors, combustible gas sensors, low temperature switches, water sensors, and a  panic button with your alarm system. It should be a simple  system and the keypad should not have the complicated codes to operate so that it is easier for everyone in the family.


4 Home Alarm Systems Myths

Even the subject of installing home alarm systems has certain commonly identified myths that an average person tends to believe, in spite of being well informed. The first thing to do when planning to get your home secured is to fully understand the facts.

Despite the fact that burglary is not a threat to every home in a town, it is a universal problem and no one can foresee which house the burglars will target next. So it is better to take preventive steps to avoid a home invasion.

The first myth is that most burglars work only at night.  Typically, thieves will only try to break into a house that is empty. If that is the case, then it would be better for them to break into a house when all family members are at work or away from home. They have all the methods to invade at night when everyone is asleep. So the notion that your house will not be broken into at night as there are people in the house is not always true.

Secondly, some people believe that home alarm systems only guard your home against intruders.  But in reality,  they also protect the babies and older people in the house in case of an emergency. Home alarm monitoring systems have features to detect smoke, fire, and they even have panic buttons that will alert the center when something unfortunate happens in your house.

Thirdly, some homeowners who go on a vacation believe the myth  that leaving all the lights on is an excellent means of deterring the burglary attempts, rather than installing an alarm system. But having a timer that turns your lights on and off at set intervals is far better than lighting up your house 24 hours a day,  informing burglars that you are away from home.

Lastly, another common myth is that home alarm systems can easily be disconnected by cutting off certain wires. But the latest models are very sophisticated ones that are not easily disarmed. The modern home alarm systems make use of both wired and wireless technologies in combination. As a result of this, if there is any disruption in connection, then the monitoring company will be immediately alerted. So just cutting a couple of wires  will not help a burglar to enter a secured house. And the fact that motion detectors are easily overcome with certain movements is another wrong assumption. Motion detectors are highly sensitive devices, which means steps should be taken to accommodate pet movement in the house with pet friendly home alarm systems.

Don’t let common home alarm systems myths prevent you from protecting your home and your family.  Home alarm systems are an effective deterrent against crime, and are instrumental in keeping you safe and secure.


Where Can Wireless Home Alarms Be Used?

There are two types of home alarm systems:  namely the conventional wired home alarms and the modern sophisticated wireless home alarms. The wireless home security system utilizes the passing of data from the various sensors installed all over the house to the control panel. Both systems have their pros and cons, but in recent years the wireless security systems have become more popular, because of their ease of use.

The most attractive feature of wireless home alarms is that they operate on batteries, which means that even if the power fails the system will still operate. They can’t be deactivated by burglars who try snipping wires.

Wireless security alarms make use of motion detectors to detect movements. And the best part of it is that they can differentiate between animal and human movements, so you need not worry that your pets will trigger a false alarm. Some of the more advanced motion detectors utilize infrared sensors that the burglar is not even aware of.

Wireless security systems can be installed in many places in your home depending on your requirements. For example, if you attach wireless alarms to your doors and windows, it will trigger alarms when someone passes through them.

Wireless home alarms can be located in the garage to protect your car from being stolen, with sensors being located inside the garage door. Another type of wireless home alarm can be installed in a car. This sort of car or automobile alarm has become extremely popular in recent years.

In multi-story apartment complexes, wireless home alarms are fixed at all corridors and vital points especially at entrance of the terraces so that they are intruder free.

When the staff leaves the office premises and there is practically no security,  the best bet would be to install wireless home alarm monitoring systems to protect the area.

One other important place where you can position wireless home alarms are in the driveway and around the house. They can be installed so that if some intruder enters the premises, the entire area will be lit up with flood lights. This can be done by connecting the alarm to motion detectors.

Other than intruders, alarm systems can even alert you or the monitoring company of potential dangers like smoke, fire and carbon monoxide fumes. So if your system  has these features you will be protected from substantial damage. Moreover, the panic button is a very helpful device that alerts the monitoring company of people who are sick and are in need of an ambulance. Just a press of a button can save lives. Another important feature is that a wireless home alarm can be installed in the swimming pool in order to warn you of any dangers.

The home security industry has been growing in leaps and bounds because of the increasing number of burglaries everyday. More people are opting for the wireless home alarms that make their home and their loved ones secure and safe.


Top 5 Advantages of Security Alarms

One of the most wonderful features of a home security system is that it offers you absolute peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home and family. But like buying any other commodity, make sure that the security alarms that you buy for the home is worth your money with all the required features and facilities.

Most of the security alarms that you see these days can be activated from the home in such a way that you can turn on or turn off the alarm at your convenience. Some of the later innovations even come with a remote keychain feature that helps you to operate the system from outside your house also. One other important feature is that the security alarms are provided with a back-up battery that is fitted into the alarm’s keypad in order to make certain that the alarm will work even if there is no electricity.

Motion detectors are an added modifiable feature that can accommodate pets that roam around in the night. But one important feature to look for is the monitoring service. Ensure that whatever alarm you buy, they have a good monitoring system. Of course you need to remember that the cost of the system will shoot up considerably when you include the monitoring system.

Buying just  any security system will not be of much use unless you also have a home security monitoring service. It would be best to have your service monitored live, because that will ensure that even if a connection is interrupted or distorted, another center will instantly take over necessary duties. The security alarms should also be fitted with automatic sensors to detect smoke, fire or carbon dioxide.

In addition to automatic sensors, the other feature of a security alarm is the door and window sensors. These are significant because typically the doors and windows are what the burglar attempts to open in order to get inside the house.

Warning intruders off with yard and window stickers are of great importance as generally a burglar trying to break into a house will hesitate when he see stickers informing him that the house is protected and will not be an easy target.

Alarm systems, can be wired or wireless depending on the requirements of the user. The wireless security features will detect any unsolicited movements from either inside or outside your home. This feature is able to differentiate between movements of the human beings and the movement of pets, which ensures that your pet will not set the alarm off.

When you set out to buy a security alarm, just keep in mind that all alarms are unique in their own way. So take time to weigh the pros and cons of the various systems in conjunction with your requirements. Walk over your entire property to evaluate everything and compare features of the different security alarms before making a final decision.


10 Home Security Tips To Prevent A Burglary

You must plan your home security if you want to be safe as well as protected from burglaries. Here are some practical tips on how to prevent a home burglary.

First, make it difficult for burglars to enter your house.  Avoid leaving signs that indicate that your house is vacant. Mail and daily newspapers, when found in stacks,  indicate the house is vacant and jeopardize your home security. Ask a neighbor to receive them so that it looks absolutely normal. Use electronic gadgets to light your home occasionally so that it does not appear vacant.

Secondly, the outside of the house should be well-lit so that an intruder finds it impossible to pass through undetected.  Burglars like to hide in the shadows and having well-lit driveways, walkways and doorways increase your chances of better security protection.

Third, create a lawn around your house which will give more open space.  Bushes and trees should be trimmed and cared for so that they do not create a natural hideout for an intruder, endangering your home security. Placing a thorny bush under a vulnerable window is also an effective way to prevent break-ins.

Fourth, for your home security, you should ensure that the doors are properly locked and windows are secured. It will be the first thing that intruders will meet with resistance and it will not be easy to enter your house without making any noise.

Fifth, if you are home when a package is delivered, understand the possibility of a lurker following you after you pick up the package. Being at home when a package is delivered is a good idea- sometimes a package lying outside your door for a period of time, may give a signal that the house is empty. But be alert of your surroundings; it only takes an intruder a couple of seconds to enter an open door and rob your home.

Sixth, burglars are always making rounds to find a way to steal and they concentrate on driveways or even look inside a house through the curtains if they are open. Valuable electronic gadgets are a huge enticement to burglars and they may make plans to break into your house. Ensure that curtains are closed and do not forget to close the blinds and windows properly and the garage door securely for your home security.

Seventh, a mailbox and answering machine with your name may be a negative approach to your home security. Leave off identifying information which a possible thief may use to their advantage.

Eighth, it is wise to arrange a neighborhood crime watch so that neighbors can watch your home when you are on vacation.

Ninth, remember that most burglaries occur due to an open window or a weak or unbolted door. Be careful for your own home security.

Finally, install a high quality alarm system from a competent provider of home security.


Comparing Security Systems for the Home: 5 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Because of the rate at which burglary seems to be increasing, the home security system has become a top priority of homeowners. And in recent years, many companies are offering home alarm systems at extremely competitive prices. Though home alarms are the main criteria in alarm systems for the home, many companies are vying with each for offering security monitoring services.

It would be in your best interest to keep in mind that in order to secure your home from intruders, you must include numerous deterrents when  installing an alarm system for the home. Before installing a security system for the home it would be a good idea to compare the different alarm systems with regard to price and the various features that they can offer.

One of the most important points that you have to check is how long the company you are looking at has been in the market, because it is only common sense that the longer they have been in business, the more people trust that company to install  systems for the home.

Another aspect of a company you must examine is the equipment they use to set up an alarm for the home. Find out what whether they have wired and wireless systems and the different varieties of features in both systems. There are so many new features available with the latest state-of-the-art technologies from which you can choose.

It makes no sense to look at setting up a security system if it is beyond your budget, so the cost  is also a very important factor to consider when you set about planning to secure your home. Keep in mind that prices include things like the system itself, the cost of the sensors, motion detectors, the main control panel and all the accessories that go along with it.

Of course the more features you want added to the security system for the home,the  more it will cost. Ensure that the price quoted will also include the cost of installing, and the cost of monitoring services if you plan on adding these to your features.

Find out the number of security centers that the company you are looking at has. This is of prime importance because, if something should happen to the main center there should be a back up center that can take over the surveillance until things are functional. Generally good companies that set up security systems for the home have multiple sites so that in case of an emergency, the signals can be picked up by the other centers.

When you compare alarm systems for the home ensure that what you are looking at will work for you, in the sense that it will suit your exact needs. Take into account that you may have babies, older family members and pets in your home and ascertain that the security systems for the home have all the necessary factors that will be able to cover all these needs. You have to understand that what suits another home may not suit yours and may not be the one to protect your home and family.


Do I Need Home Alarm Monitoring?

In this age of crime and theft,  everyone seems to be opting for a home alarm monitoring system, so that they can be rest assured that their home, family and belongings are safe and sound at all times. A home alarm system will definitely give you more peace of mind as well.

The saying that “it is better to be safe than sorry” is a very apt one for those wondering whether they need the services of a security system. Burglaries are increasing everyday and one cannot ignore the importance of employing the services of a home alarm monitoring service. The feeling of knowing that your home is under surveillance 24 hours of the day, seven days a week is quite comforting.

There are many ways that an intruder can enter your home and easily pick the locks of doors and open locked windows. There is no way of knowing what the burglar will be interested in stealing. Installing an alarm system can warn you, your neighbors and the company that is monitoring your home of any unlawful entries into your home.

Home alarm monitoring systems consist of alarms on your doors, windows, alarms when there is someone on your premises, when someone moves around in the house and if an intruder breaks in. Other than that, a  monitoring system can detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, which, if left unattended, can cause harm to the family members in the house.

Another important factor for installing a home alarm monitoring service is consideration for babies or senior citizens, living in your home. These family members may need sudden medical attention when you least expect it, and these warnings can be triggered by the monitoring services. Panic button alarms help older family members to inform the monitoring company if they need assistance, such as calling for an ambulance.

These days, there are plenty of businesses that are operated from home.   In such cases, it is imperative that one opts for a security system that can combine the monitoring of both your home and your business.

The services that a home alarm monitoring company offers you are many. They can offer temperature monitoring alarms that give you an alert if temperatures in the home reach extraordinary high or low levels. Flood monitoring can help you know if there is any rise in water level of the house as a result of a broken pipe.

A closed circuit TV will assist you in knowing what is happening in your home and on the  premises in your absence, setting your mind at rest when you know the family is safe.

In summary, you can see the many reasons why you need an alarm system to be installed in your home. There is no refuting the fact that a home alarm monitoring system is absolutely necessary in your home for the benefit of family members, the home and your other assets.


Pet Friendly Burglar Alarm System

If you have pets in the house then you will have to look out for a pet friendly burglar alarm system that does not keep going off every time your pets walk through the door. With the growing number of people who adopt pets, many of the home security companies are offering this feature in their contracts.

The developments in the technological field have prompted companies to manufacture detection equipments that are immune to pets. With the advent of such a pet friendly security system you do not need to shut your pet in a room so that the alarm does not go off. Such alarm devices are resistant to animals and at the same time will get activated when you have an intruder.

All warm blooded living things are considered mobile elements and are sources of heat that give out infrared power as their bodies are warmer than the environment they are in. Intruders are moving elements and the burglar alarm system that is installed is intended to react to anything that moves.

The annoyance of alarms going off for false reasons is usually more in homes that have pets, but pet resistant devices are manufactured to eradicate that hazard. Home alarm  vendors have reacted to the queries and qualms of pet owners about the problem of pets setting off a false alarm, and designed security systems that take pets into consideration.

A pet friendly security system is as efficient or effective as the other more conventional ones and offers you peace of mind when it comes to the security of not just your home but also your pets.

The principle behind the working of a pet friendly security system is that the system has a set of sensors that can differentiate between different types of movements.  For example, the alarm will not go off if the movement happens below a particular level, or if the movement is performed in a particular way. Typically it is not easy for burglars or intruders to copy the movements of animals.

When shopping for a home security system talk to the representatives regarding your pets and inform them that you require a pet friendly  alarm system. You can be assured that home alarm specialists will be in the know on what kind of alarm system you need. There may be certain areas in your home that may be out of reach to your pets but you can be quite certain that they will not be uncomfortable if a pet friendly burglar alarm system is installed in your home.

A burglar alarm system that accommodates pets can be the hybrid wireless variety that is more flexible and easy to use and at the same time can be installed really fast. As you can well imagine, intruders detest barking dogs and alarm systems are wary of cats that jump, but with a little forethought and preparation these animals can live in your home and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your pets and home are safe and secure.


Wireless Burglar Alarm Pros and Cons

Today, burglar alarms are being utilized by most homeowners in many countries around the world in order to secure their home, property and assets. The increase in the demand for burglar alarms have prompted manufacturers to design and develop more and more sophisticated devices in keeping with the requirements of the customers. And one of their fastest selling systems is the wireless burglar alarm.

The most significant advantage of the wireless burglar alarm is that it does not require any wires for its connections. The fundamental principle behind a wireless alarm system is the use of sensors that are fitted in the doors and windows to inform the owner when a burglar tries to invade the house.

The wireless burglar alarm consists of a control panel which is said to be the brain of the device; the keypad where the codes are entered in order to activate or shut down the system; the magnetic contacts that are located in the doors and windows to sound the alarm; the sensors that use infrared lights to detect motion and the security cameras that are for video surveillance and monitoring if requested by the owner. These alarms use radio waves in order to stay connected together. These radio waves that come from the various sensors are connected to the control panel so as to be able to monitor activities inside the home.

The wireless burglar alarm system can be easily installed especially for a self installer. One of the greatest advantages of this system is that it works on batteries and as such, will continue working even if the power supply is cut off. The wireless systems have very few components and all of them can be quite simply installed.

Another important factor in favor of the wireless burglar alarm system is its cost. They are much cheaper than their wired counterparts. Invariably people who plan to secure their homes with a home security system will quite naturally think of the cost involved and consider ones that suit their budget. Because there is no cabling necessary except for connecting the device to the main control panel, the cost of installing is greatly reduced.

The wireless burglar alarm is a portable unit and is excellent for those people who rent a house or apartment as there is no hassle of wires to contend with, and you could carry it with you when you have to move to another location.

One of the main disadvantages of the wireless burglar alarm system is that sometimes some parts of the wireless system may need to be changed; in fact it will be more often than what is claimed by the company.

The best and the most dependable means of appraising the need for a wireless burglar alarm system in your home is to consult an expert in the field. They will be in a better position to advise you correctly. They can give you a detailed idea of what you need to install,  taking all your requirements into account.