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5 Security Alarm Facts & Myths

A security alarm in your home or business is a great way to provide  a sense of a confidence and security to family members or employees.  Whenever the security alarm goes off, the local authorities are informed by the monitoring agency of the security system. Most monitored systems include fire and smoke detection as well.

Although burglar alarms  prevent or stop most would-be break ins in their tracks,  there are still a few common myths and misconceptions:

1. Security systems are too expensive
Some of the sophisticated units are expensive but there are also efficient systems which provide excellent service and can fit within any budget.   Many companies will offer the alarm system for free with a small installation charge and only a monthly monitoring charge of $20- $30.

2. Security alarm systems are too difficult to operate and install.
Today’s  systems are very easy to operate and wireless alarm systems can be installed quickly and efficiently.   Most people find that it take less than an hour to understand the operation of their system.

3. If the wires of my wired security system are cut, I won’t be able to stop an intruder.
Most wired  systems are backed by battery power and in case of power failure the system uses battery power to function properly.

4. False alarms will cause problems with the local authorities.
Alarm companies understand that false alarms will occur.  That’s why monitored alarm systems have a delay feature to give a homeowner an opportunity to tell the monitoring station that there has been a false alarm before they contact police or fire departments.  Many burglar systems will also allow you to cancel the false alarm yourself.

5.  A security alarm is a waste of money
The cost of an alarm system is small compared to the amount of losses you could incur without protection.  Losing your precious mementos, expensive belongings or suffering home damage is not only expensive, but effects family member’s confidence that they can be safe.

The fact is, investing in a security alarm system is the best way to ensure that your family and belongings have the strongest protection.  Ignoring common myths and investigating the facts about various alarm systems will guarantee that you find the best security alarm to meet your needs.


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