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Pet Friendly Burglar Alarm System

If you have pets in the house then you will have to look out for a pet friendly burglar alarm system that does not keep going off every time your pets walk through the door. With the growing number of people who adopt pets, many of the home security companies are offering this feature in their contracts.

The developments in the technological field have prompted companies to manufacture detection equipments that are immune to pets. With the advent of such a pet friendly security system you do not need to shut your pet in a room so that the alarm does not go off. Such alarm devices are resistant to animals and at the same time will get activated when you have an intruder.

All warm blooded living things are considered mobile elements and are sources of heat that give out infrared power as their bodies are warmer than the environment they are in. Intruders are moving elements and the burglar alarm system that is installed is intended to react to anything that moves.

The annoyance of alarms going off for false reasons is usually more in homes that have pets, but pet resistant devices are manufactured to eradicate that hazard. Home alarm  vendors have reacted to the queries and qualms of pet owners about the problem of pets setting off a false alarm, and designed security systems that take pets into consideration.

A pet friendly security system is as efficient or effective as the other more conventional ones and offers you peace of mind when it comes to the security of not just your home but also your pets.

The principle behind the working of a pet friendly security system is that the system has a set of sensors that can differentiate between different types of movements.  For example, the alarm will not go off if the movement happens below a particular level, or if the movement is performed in a particular way. Typically it is not easy for burglars or intruders to copy the movements of animals.

When shopping for a home security system talk to the representatives regarding your pets and inform them that you require a pet friendly  alarm system. You can be assured that home alarm specialists will be in the know on what kind of alarm system you need. There may be certain areas in your home that may be out of reach to your pets but you can be quite certain that they will not be uncomfortable if a pet friendly burglar alarm system is installed in your home.

A burglar alarm system that accommodates pets can be the hybrid wireless variety that is more flexible and easy to use and at the same time can be installed really fast. As you can well imagine, intruders detest barking dogs and alarm systems are wary of cats that jump, but with a little forethought and preparation these animals can live in your home and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your pets and home are safe and secure.


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