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Home Security Checklist

Focusing on your home security is important, especially in a tough economy. Statistics have shown that crime goes up in a down economy. Crimes like burglaries and theft occur more often, leaving families to deal with losses that they never thought they would have to deal with. While no one can predict when a home is going to be a target of crime, there are many things you can do to make your home less appealing to a criminal.

Make a home security checklist and go over it thoroughly.  Start with the perimeter of your home and make a few observations:

  • Are all the doors and windows secure and working to the best of their ability?
  • Is there good lighting on the exterior of your home?
  • Are there any overgrown bushes or shrubs that can possibly serve as a hiding place for a burglar?
  • Do you have deadbolts installed on all the perimeter doors of your home?

These are just a few things to look for when making a home security checklist for your home. If you take care of exterior elements, you are adding an extra layer of protection for your home and not solely relying on a home security system.   Many have suggested that going through your home and writing down serial numbers and taking pictures and video of your valuables can help to get those items returned to you should a burglary ever take place in your home.  Another great tool in deterring criminals from targeting your home is to buy a home security system—and use it.

Home security systems, also known as burglar alarms, can not only deter thieves from breaking into your home, but a good alarm system will help keep you safe. There are many homes security systems to choose from that can fit just about any need you may have. Whether you are renting or own your home, you can choose from a variety of alarm installations ranging from hardwired alarm systems, wireless alarm systems, or a combination of both. The most important thing is to get an alarm system and make sure to use it—especially when you are not home. Having a good home security system installed is vital in keeping your home secure. Choosing to have your home security system monitored is another essential thing you can do to help protect your home while you are at work, or even on vacation.

Getting home surveillance cameras in addition to your home security system is also an additional way to keep your home safe and deter burglars. When most burglars see that a home is protected by a burglar alarm system, they usually move on to a home that does not have one. If they see a burglar alarm system and home security cameras installed around your home, you can be confident they are going to bypass your house and move to the next one. The best way to let a burglar know that your home is protected by a home security system is by displaying yard signs and decals around your home. Almost all home security companies will give you these upon installation.

With a good home security checklist in place and a great home security system, you can feel confident knowing you took steps to protect your home and family from the threat of becoming another crime statistic.


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