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Burglar Alarm Types

The fundamental principle of burglar alarm systems is composed of a central control panel attached to sensors or detectors and preferably with a siren or a sound making device. The main function is performed by the central control panel which has the capacity to receive signals from detectors and routes the information to perform further action. The siren may function instantly or after some time and the information is sent to the monitoring agency. The entire system can be turned on and off with the help of a keypad to be operated manually or in some cases by remote control. The key pad is pre-programmed as per the need of the owner of the property.

Normally the burglar alarm systems which are used are either wired or wireless types. There is another category of burglar alarm systems which are self contained units, which look like small electronic gadgets. The central control panel, which is the main brain of the device, receives signals from the detectors and takes further action.   The security system does not set off a siren but contacts the monitoring agency instead.

The siren is for making people alert. A burglar alarm system may contain flashing lights also. The strobe lights are mounted in such a position that they can be seen from a distance. The sound of the siren with strobe light flashing may cause the intruder to leave due to the chance of getting detected. The position of the siren is normally fixed beyond reach at a good height.

Burglar alarm systems have sensor devices which are activated when signals are received from detectors, which are mounted to spot any kind of movement, noise, smoke, temperature variation, shock or vibration.   The passive infared sensors are able to spot any kind of temperature change so they can detect human body temperature and notify the homeowner of an intrusion.

Magnetic switches are the most important elements of the burglar alarm systems. They are placed to offer protection to windows and doors and are immensely useful and common. They are simple to install, inexpensive and are the most dependable kind of sensors. The device contains a magnet and a switch with a spring for making the electrical link to complete the electric circuit. Whenever a window or a door, fitted with the magnetic sensor and a switch opens, the circuit is broken and affects the signal to reach to the control panel of the security systems.

There are other kinds of detectors like the ultrasonic and microwave detectors. The ultrasonic works on the principle of sound waves and any intrusion in a vacant room is disturbed which the sensor is capable to note and sends signals to the central panel of the burglar alarm systems. Microwave detectors work on the radio waves and do the same thing.


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