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10 Home Alarm System Dos and Don’ts

In spite of having a state-of-the-art home alarm system installed on the property, many expensive homes have still been burglarized.   The reason is equally unbelievable. Not remembering to turn on the alarm has been the number one reason for break-ins at nine out of ten residences with a home alarm system. Follow these 10 commandments that explain what you should and should not do when there is a home alarm system installed in your home.

1. DO turn on the alarm of your home alarm system even if you will be rushing out of the house for a fifteen minute chat with the neighbors. Experienced crooks are always looking for an opportunity to sneak into your house, the moment you step out

2. DON’T totally switch off the alarm when you are walking around in your home. Get a zone alarm setup with room-to-room settings so that you can leave the alarm armed in the bedroom while you are watching television in the living room.

3. DO hang a generic sign outside your property that reads, “This home has been installed with a home alarm system.”

4. DON’T specifically mention the name of the alarm security company in the sign you hang outside because such classified information can help burglars know more about the systems’ wiring and thus easily bypass it.

5. DO ensure that your security system is well-equipped to work on back-up battery power should you face a sudden power cut-off. Also make sure the batteries are fully re-charged or are replaced with fresh cells at frequent intervals.

6. DON’T ever share your security code or password with anyone outside your immediate family circle. Knowing the code makes it easy for a burglar or accomplice to easily disable the security, making your home alarm system worthless.

7. DO remember to have your burglar alarms checked and maintained by an authorized security personnel at regular intervals. That way, any chance of a faulty connection or improper installation can be rectified immediately. In case the alarm of your home alarm system needs to be manually reset after a trial activation, do remember to reset it immediately.

8. DON’T assume the police will reach your premises the moment an alarm goes off. It is wiser to inform the local police department that you have installed a home alarm system. That way, they will be extra vigilant and take the necessary action when the security system activates an alarm.

9. DO make sure your valuables are under lock and key and verify all windows and doors are firmly bolted at all times. Having a home alarm system installed does not mean you should be over-confident and careless about such simple preventive measures.
10. DON’T expect your home alarm system to be your sole savior. Even the most sophisticated system has some flaws and it doesn’t take much time for a truly determined burglar to find a way around your home alarm system.


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