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Home Alarm Systems: Unmonitored vs. Monitored

Crimes have been increasing at an unbelievable rate today and not a single day goes by without the news of a burglary or theft in the newspaper. People are now becoming more aware of the necessity of a home alarm system in their house.

The best way to prevent your house from being burglarized is to purchase a home alarm system. The next question lies in whether you should purchase a monitored home alarm system or an unmonitored one. This totally depends on your budget, and requirements. The decision is entirely left to you.

Both home alarm systems have some benefits and eventually depend on what you want. Let us examine in detail the advantages of both these systems.

Monitored home alarm systems offers the maximum level of security as this system will monitor your home twenty four hours of the day. But this is a costly affair as you have to pay a particular monthly rate for this service. It also requires a telephone connection for the alarm which is to be utilized during contingencies. A mobile phone may suffice in most cases.

Another advantage of home alarm monitoring system is that if some health emergency arises, you can immediately get in touch with the security center by just pressing the call button which will in turn call the hospital or fire department if necessary.

In summary,  the main features of a monitoring home alarm systems are as follows.

  • Provides access to live security work force day and night, seven days a week.
  • It offers urgent help during contingencies
  • It gives you peace of mind
  • It provides excellent security support when you are away
  • It is the ideal option for people living in isolated areas
  • There is maximum security for young and elderly members of the family

Now unmonitored home alarm systems are the least complicated of the home alarm security devices that are available. When anything unwanted happens, the system just beeps audibly. Remember that the alarm should be really audible so that one can react immediately. But as most thefts or burglaries occur when the owners are away, the possibility of some one hearing the alarm is extremely remote. But these alarms do frighten away the burglars and a majority of the intruders do withdraw quickly when they hear the alarm.

The features of an unmonitored alarm system are as follows.

  • These kinds of home alarm systems are more affordable when compared to the monitored alarm system
  • You do not require a telephone connection
  • There is no monthly fee for monitoring
  • Installation of home alarm systems are hassle free
  • Thwarts the efforts of probable burglars with its shrill alarm

If you are on the look out for the best possible security against thefts and burglaries, you have to remember to take into account your family’s protection when selecting home alarm systems. So it is totally up to you to decide which home alarm security system will suit you the best  and which will meet your budget.


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