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Home Security Alarm FAQs

You must have had and probably still do have, a million questions about the home security alarm you plan to install at your residence. Here are some of the most crucial questions that give you an insight into home security alarm systems.

1. How reliable is a home security alarm?
It can be as reliable as you want it to be. Home security alarm systems are highly-efficient mechanisms. As long as you invest in a model that has been bought from a reputable supplier and is fitted by a registered alarm installation company, there is no need to worry about the efficacy of your home security alarm. Considering the rise in crime rate, installing a home security alarm in your home is a wise decision to ensure the safety of your possession and loved ones.

2. What is a false alarm?
A home security alarm is sensitive to motion. Its motion sensors could set off a siren if any unusual movement is detected. Sometimes the motion detectors get activated due to improper installation, requiring the detectors to be relocated or adjusted. In most cases, faulty devices that have not undergone supervised quality checks are the ones that frequently let out false alarms every time your cat leaves a paw print.

3. Can pets at home trigger the alarm of a home security alarm?
Yes, in fact they can. So if you want your pets to roam around freely, it’s wiser to have pet-friendly motion detectors mounted that will allow pets weighing up to a mass size of 80lb go undetected.

4. In a two-story home without any ceiling access, is it possible to get the same security on the floors above as the ones below?
It can be a difficult task to get the wiring to the rooms above if the ground floor of your home has no ceiling access. The best solution is a wireless home security alarm system that is free from all forms of wiring and is as effective as its “wired” counterpart. You could also get a zone alarm setup with room-to-room settings so that you can leave the alarm armed in the bedroom on the top floor while you are watching television in the living room on the ground floor.

5. Will the home security alarm system function if there is a power-cut?
Almost all home security alarm systems bought from a reputable, trusted brand have a built-in back-up battery that will be automatically switched on, in the event of a power failure. Most of the batteries are rechargeable and can be done so either manually or automatically. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your home security alarm is well-equipped to work on back-up battery power by regularly checking if batteries are fully re-charged or are replaced with fresh cells.

6. Once the home security alarm system has been installed, is it necessary to have trial runs at regular intervals?
Yes. Have your home security alarm checked and maintained by an authorized security personnel at regular intervals. That way, any chance of a faulty connection or improper installation can be rectified immediately. In case the alarm needs to be manually reset after a trial activation,  remember to reset it right away.


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