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Home Security Camera Types & Which One Is Right For Me?

A home security camera is becoming extremely important in today’s world. The rate of crimes and thefts has been rising at an unbelievable pace and as a result, people have no other choice but to take precautionary measures against these thefts and burglaries.

There are several kinds of home security cameras to choose from in the market, but it all depends on what exactly your requirements are. The main points to be considered before you get a home security camera is where you need it, (whether outdoors or indoors), the model, {a static or PTZ model), the resolution of the camera (whether high or low, and the kind of home security camera you need, (day/ night or solely night vision}.

There are approximately seven kinds of cameras for you to choose from:  Day /night cameras, dummy security cameras, wireless cameras, wireless cameras, hidden cameras, dome cameras, IP cameras and bullet cameras. Let us examine what each kind of home security camera mentioned here is in detail.

Day/night cameras– are one of the most sought after cameras. These cameras have the ability to take high resolution in pictures, even in bright light. They are equipped to capture images only with the help of an infrared light in dark backgrounds. So if you are planning to purchase this kind of home security camera, you will have to purchase one with infrared light to be completely secure.

Dummy Security cameras– These cameras are the most reasonably priced cameras which are the least obvious. But they are extremely popular and have a soaring success rate of theft prevention as a majority of thieves do not like to take a risk when they see this equipment. Just remember to purchase a home security camera which is similar to current cameras on the market. It will also be a good idea to purchase one with LED light to make it look more realistic.

Wireless Cameras-This kind of home security camera is very simple to install and you can install it without anyone’s help. They transmit radio waves to a receiver and make use of some kind of a video device to send signals to.

Hidden Cameras – Hidden cameras are very helpful to get  information on people performing normally as if there is no camera. They come in very helpful to verify that your baby sitter is really taking care of your children.

Dome Cameras – This sort of home security camera, which is used on commercial properties, is now becoming very common. Their dome covering is extremely useful as the camera is fitted inside the dome. The dome acts as a barrier to severe climate conditions and can be used anywhere.

IP Cameras – With this kind of home security camera, the signals are digitally transmitted through a network. The greatest advantage of this is that you will be able to watch what is happening in your home even if you are far away.

Bullet Cameras – A Bullet home security camera is cheap and compact. They are flexible and can be used in small areas. But they cannot capture a lot of detail like other home security cameras.

Thus you will find that there are numerous kinds of home security cameras available today. You just have to choose one which will suit you the best. As crime is increasing day by day, a home security camera is becoming an inevitable part of every one’s home.


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