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Home Security Services: House vs. Apartment

In this age of crime, home security services are the order of the day. Whether you choose to live in a house or an apartment, no property is completely safe from unauthorized entry, unless you employ the expertise of home security services.  Security systems in apartments can be easily breached since so many non-residents walk in and out of buildings, making it easier for thefts to go undetected. At the same time, home security services for houses especially  located in remote or secluded areas need an extra tweak because the prospects of someone hearing an alarm go off  is close to nil.

On top of the list of home security services is the traditional burglar alarm. These highly efficient systems serve the sole purpose of preventing intruders from breaking into private properties, by letting out a high-decibel siren, loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. Wireless alarm systems are recommended for apartments because they come without wires, are easily portable and can be set up without violating any rules of an apartment community.

On the other hand, home security services integrate hard-wired security systems for houses since they are long-lasting and can withstand the requirements of a large, spacious residence. However, if wiring becomes a hassle for double-story houses that have no ceiling access, it is suggested to set up wireless zone alarms with room-to-room settings, giving you the freedom to leave the alarm armed in the bedroom on the top floor while you are watching television in the living room on the ground floor.

Though not always a necessity for apartments, home security services for houses include surveillance cameras as the best weapon against burglars. In order to have the property fully secured, experts advise both indoor as well as outdoor security camera surveillance, covering all four corners of the house. Home security services will take care to install each camera in such a way as to cover the front door, backyard, swimming pool or any other vulnerable areas of the house. Indoor cameras will be placed on every floor so as to survey all the rooms and special areas where valuables are kept.

Motion sensors are an integral part of home security services for apartments. Not considered a must for houses, these gadgets are the penultimate evolution in sensor technology and greatly increase the security of apartments to the next highest level. Especially for those who want their pets to roam around freely, it’s wiser to have pet-friendly motion detectors mounted that will allow pets weighing up to a mass size of 80lb to go undetected.

The entire gamut of home security services is not complete without a mention of simple, tailor-made security measures for houses and apartments. As part of home security services for houses, spiked, anti-climb devices on top of the gate and adjacent fences are a must. Also consider solar-powered lighting around the house to keep the area well-lit and plant thorny bushes near fences to obstruct intruder access.  It is also always worthwhile to place blinds on all windows, replace locks with five-lever dead locks and reinforce all doors with bolts. Whether you live in a house or apartment, having strong home security services is vital in keeping your loved ones safe and ensuring lasting peace of mind.


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