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Home Security Systems: Wireless or Hard Wired?

Home security systems are available  as either  hard wired and wireless systems.   Both options offer unique benefits.  Although hard wired alarms are more common, wireless  alarm systems have some definite advantages.

The wired home security systems are more complicated and invasive to  install than wireless, but offers a level of permanence that wireless does not. It is becoming somewhat common for builders to offer instillation while the construction of the building is still in progress.

The sensors can work independently or work together to form a complete home security systems. You can also engage smoke detectors or fire sensors  for your safety. Overall, it requires some effort to install wired home security systems. And you should find one which is supported by the manufacturer or the dealer.

The different elements of the system have to be regularly checked and cleaned. In the case of wireless home security systems, you get the services from the dealer and need to do some sort of regular cleaning too. Both the wireless security system and the wired systems have the same requirement regarding the maintenance of the systems. The only thing to remember with the wireless system is the condition of the battery which is to be checked regularly. The wired systems run on electricity.

The wireless systems are the latest inventions for the safeguarding of your property. Since technology is always improving, sophisticated wireless home security systems of today may become outdated after six months. You may have  difficulty in getting replacement components for the unit. You will have to keep this in mind when you judge the merits  of a wireless home security systems. Wired systems are created with the traditional wiring system and do not give an impressive outward appearance in terms of decorative value.

Naturally, you will not have the problem of replacing components in the wired home security systems. If you are not building your home, you will need holes drilled in walls and corridors to set up hard wired home security systems. With a wireless home security system, there are no holes to be drilled.   The only aspect that you are to remain cautious about with the wireless system is the going off of the false alarm due to its activity based on radio frequency.

Hard wired home security systems are relatively more economical but the wireless ones are easier to install.   Ultimately, you must make a decision based on your needs and the size of your budget.


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