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House Alarm Features You Cannot Be Without

Having a house alarm in your home has become unavoidable today as it is totally unsafe to live in a house with no security at all due to the ever increasing rate of thefts and crimes. After you decide to purchase an alarm, a question you should ask is: what kind of house alarm will be ideal for my requirements?

Selecting a house alarm may seem to be a cumbersome process as there is a wide array of security systems for you to take your pick from. But you must remember that there are some significant features that need to be looked into before you decide to buy a particular home security system. Some knowledge about these factors will make  purchasing a suitable house alarm an easier task.

The most important criterion that you should be looking for in a house alarm are as follows:

  • 3 Layer Protection – This feature is a must for an ideal house alarm system. Doors and windows are the primary defense level in a house. They can sense trespassers from outside.  Motion detectors form the secondary defense level. They offer you protection from inside and operate as a backup for protecting an area. The last layer is the smoke detectors and heat sensors.
  • Interconnected – If you have a choice of purchasing home security equipments individually, the ideal system would be one that is completely interconnected and the whole system operating a single unit.
  • No Power Interruption – Most of the home alarm systems are either battery operated or power operated. The battery operated one needs a regular battery check up, but will work even when there is no electricity. Your main requirement is that the house alarm system should work twenty four hours a day.
  • Alarm System – There are numerous types of alarm systems namely the bell only, zone based, video based and audio based. Every system will notify the owner whenever intruders get inside. The best alarm system will be one that has alarm confirmation technology.
  • Monitoring System – One of the most important features of a house alarm system is having some kind of security to safe guard your home while you are away. A monitoring system is a must for a perfect house alarm system. There are three types of monitoring facilities that are now available. They are self monitoring, police monitoring and third party monitoring and it is left to you to choose what is best for your needs.
  • Biometrics – This is the latest kind of technology integrated into the home security system. These include biometric scans like finger print detection and retina scan. You can buy a house alarm system which has this feature.
  • Value for money – You should remember that it is not the price that matters but the quality of the product. So you should select a house alarm system which will really be worth paying for.

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