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House Alarms to Protect You Against Lock Bumping

The majority of people are not really aware of one of the major risks that homes are prone to – Lock bumping. The best way to protect your home against lock bumping is to get house alarms installed in your home which will give you an immense feeling of safety and security. But let us first examine briefly what exactly lock bumping is.

Lock bumping is a lock picking method that is employed by burglars to disable pin tumbler locks. Most American homes use pin tumbler locks for security and the lock bumping technique is carried out by a trespasser who uses a key made just for the purpose of “bumping’’ your lock. This special key is called a bump key. The best way to scare off burglars who implement this method is to have a security system installed in your home.

Lock bumping keys used to open pin tumbler locks are very cheap and can be made very easily. As a result it becomes extremely easy for the burglar to get into your home. Do it yourself house alarms are extremely useful in protecting your home against thefts and burglaries. As you install these house alarms yourself, you become more alert about the probable weak security areas of your home and they can even protect you against lock bumping.

Another advantage of these house alarms are that since you can install sensors at all main points of access into your home, a burglar who tries to lock bump your pin tumbler lock or any other lock for that matter, will hesitate to try it out when the security system go off . Most thieves are opportunists and a majority of them will not take the risk of breaking into a home which has house alarms installed.

Of course, lock bumping may not be possible on the lock that you have chosen for your home. But there may be other ways for thieves to gain access into the home especially when you are away. This is when monitored security systems become extremely useful. The monitoring center will notify you and the police as soon as someone tries to break into the house and as a result you can act immediately and protect it from being burglarized.

Remember that no lock is completely secure as each one has its plus and minus points. Getting house alarms fixed at different vantage points in your home will give you an incredible peace of mind and you can rest peacefully knowing fully well that your house cannot be lock bumped so easily.


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